Pot or Kettle?


Check out this video.

Decide whether we need to be thinking the words “pot or kettle”? And where do you think this will lead?


Ancestral Sin

Ancestral sin is not a new concept at all. In fact, it pre dates Christianity. All the pagan religions believed in reincarnation. They believed that after they died, they went to hel (I’m sure we can see this correlation) then before being reborn, they would lose their memories, and then a new life would begin. No different than the cycles of the universe and Earth. So, they believed that they had to live with honor and integrity, or they were harming their later lives by actions in this life.

Thus, ancestral sin, in different wording, is not a new concept. The pagans had quite a grasp on things, even if we don’t fully understand what they were saying. Maybe that is because we have been taught to believe that they were evil, when they weren’t. Truth is, they worshiped the primary God, but really just didn’t ever say his name much. This is because they understood that you can’t describe something so amazing that is capable of making the universe and all it’s forms. So, the minor gods were perhaps their descriptions of the major. I don’t have that answer.

What I do know, is that by living with nature, they understood that it affected us, and we affected it. They also understood that our lifetime would wash down upon many lifetimes after. So, what do we want to leave our children and future generations? That is the best question we must all answer.


Could It Be True???


Ok, so I came across this test in the comments section on another blog. I mean my son is diagnosed, and I have wondered about other family members, but I never once looked in the mirror. You know, my own quirky anti-social behaviors. My blunt tell it the way I honestly see it thoughts, and the lack of interest in the social norms. Oh well, whether it’s right or wrong, I really just don’t care. Because, I am me, and that is all I really need to know. I am completely happy with that! 😀

Take the test, see what it says about you, it could be interesting.


The Apple of Knowledge

I want you to think back to the moment that you held your first child. When you gazed lovingly into their face while holding them close, cuddling them, swearing to keep them safe. Now, think about the doctrine of Original sin and see how long those words really hold water with you. Then, do a search of your Bible, which I have already done, and realize those words combined are not uttered once collectively. This is a theory, and it is taught as a certainty.

So, how can the child who has been alive less than five minutes have already sinned? That’s just it, it hasn’t. A child is innocence. That is evident from every pore of their being. It is us as adults who tend to change this. Of course, no child comes with instructions, and this is well known. Then there is the societal factor, and the environmental factor. Fine, but this is called ancestral sin, because well, it covers every bit of that territory, even the stuff that would show to be found in our DNA.

So, original sin that was caused by Adam and Eve taking bite of the forbidden fruit, aka knowledge, not exactly.

This is what I know, God, is omnipresent. If you don’t know what that means, look it up, then walk outside and understand it. Go out in the daylight, and observe this. Then, go out in the night and understand just how large of a concept this really is. Every star in the sky, every other planet in the universe, every other animal on this planet, every blade of grass, every grain of sand, there is no way to explain that, you have to be able to feel it. And if you can’t, then well, that is the problem. If you can’t feel the deeper warmth behind the sun, then there is no hope. Because God is far more than what we understand sitting in a building that is manmade.

It was through watching nature, that I came to understand that original sin, well it just wasn’t what we were taught. That there is the same duality in nature as is described in sin. That truthfully, everything we are designed with, those things that are flaws, have a purpose, it’s keeping them in check that we lose sight of. Knowing when to use them, and when not to. Anger, has a reason, hate, yep, a reason, love, definitely a reason. Just like the cycle of the seasons, there are reasons for the cycles of our emotions. The break down is knowing what to do with them when they arise.

Eyes to See & Ears to Hear

This is one of those posts that you are either going to like it or absolutely hate it. There is rarely grey area in this. However, this is the road I came to, and no one lead me here beyond my own heart.


I felt I was missing something, I mean really missing something about the real message that was supposed to be in the ministries of Christ. So, I began looking everywhere. I mean that literally. I began reading books on other religions, both current and ancient. And the interesting thing that kept creeping up was that I had read most of it before. In the words of Christ. Heck, even Plato, who was before the days of Christ, was saying the same things. So, what was really the lesson here? That Christianity took pieces from other religions, sure. But, what was maybe part of that deeper message.


Then, one day a random though popped into this mind of mine. I began to compare cells to us. Meaning, if there was someone looking at us laid out on a slide under 300x’s magnification, what would we look like?


And, it then hit me, we are cells, no different than the ones we see on a slide. The populations on this Earth are all part of the kingdom of the greatest artist there is. We are his cells, and when we die, our cells are spread to nourish the Earth, which is also part of him. His breath is in us, and that is the whole point, we are all demi-gods, and this is directly linked to the breath of life in each of us. No one is better than another, but the concepts of honor and integrity matter. The concepts of being responsible for ones actions matter. Fine, forgiveness is a good thing, it allows you to move on from those hardships that are truly at the damaging hands of another, but, accountability, that really does matter. Christ is not going forgive blankly and blindly because of just faith alone.

We have to forgive ourselves, and make corrections to our mistakes in the areas we can. This is something that is missing today. You can see it in the youth of America on an alarming level. When did it become all about blind faith, and no accountability?

And if we were designed with this natural duality in all of us by the amazing artist, what is really evil and sinful about that?

There are moments that the parts you see as the worst of you are necessary, for whatever reason may come up, and instead of pushing down the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, we should learn to embrace ourselves, both the good and the bad, because that is our unique finger print. The soul that lies within, it all it’s forms.

I know that an amazing artist designed me, and there is nothing wrong with that. I will face all of life’s hardships with a new perspective, one that I have always had, but never fully understood. I am not evil, I am a wonderful part of the grand design. And, that these hardships help to guide me along the winding path of life. They help make up the reason we are here. To learn something, and with that, accountability must be a part of the puzzle.

Mind Control?? You Can’t Be Serious!!!

Ok, so I saw this report on the above linked website, and I was at first like, yeah right. But, as with anything that tickles my curiosity, I had to do more research to determine whether or not to dismiss this as a sci-fi fantasy loony bin moment.

This all started with a research program that began in one direction for psychiatric patients, and well has landed out in the realm of no freaking way!
The research that led to this started with the desire to examine the effects of various drugs on patients with a severe mood disorder. Another words, they were looking at how medications affected the brain. Because truth is, they don’t know exactly how psychiatric medications work in the treatment of mental disorders, and why they are effective for one person, and not the other. So, this is where this really started, when the echo-planar magnetic resonance imaging procedure, or EP-MRSI as it is called created an unexpected side effect. This is basically a MRI on steroids. The effect was, that people who were so depressed, that they barely talked, came out of the machine in a jovial mood, and were willing to engage with the people around them. This thus led to a new hypothesis being formed, which then at some point turned to mind control. Wow! Really, are you sure this isn’t something from the sci-fi community. I wish it were. Really.

The alternative medicine community has been using magnets to treat a variety of conflictions for centuries. Hence those little metal bracelets made of metal that are supposed to sit on the blood vessels of your wrist. There is also the well known treatment of headaches by holding a strong magnet to your temples. They really have never been sure of how it worked, but the hypothesis that the brain is controlled by electro-magnetic fields no different than the earth.

So, at this moment, it looks like the psychiatric world of patients are the human lab rats to experiment on at the hands of multiple psychiatric hypothesis that doctors come up with. Yet, we used to burn witches at the stake for utilizing alternative medicine to peoples benefit. Because of a lack of understanding that the spells were not directly responsible for the change in health, but the medicinal herbs that were given for said ailment is what helped, they were burned as evil. But, here is what is truly evil about this, as they map the centers of the brain and what they are in control of by trial and error, mind control through the use of magnets is actually sadly possible.

I didn’t believe this at first, but DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is very vested in this; to a tune of 6.1 million dollars, yet we are in a deficit??? The initial goal is labeled at the ability to control extremists philosophy. But, fine, didn’t we start with the slippery slope of drones being used over seas to prevent the death of our service men and women, and now they are being used against the American public.

The DARPA goals are outlined below:
* Integrate Narrative Theory, Neuroimaging, and persuasive outcomes.
(what this means is that you can watch or read a narrative, and then with the use of magnets, control what your brain decides it means.)
* Resolve conceptual problems in narrative and psychology of religion.
(This means that the people involved get to manipulate your religious beliefs, and this is coming from a country that has religious freedom as part of it’s founding core)
* Produce significant innovations in the study of the neuropsychology of narrative.
(They want to know why people become extremists! Ok, because first we bomb the heck out of them for something that doesn’t even involve us, to then offer them aid! Ok, if another country bombed us, I wouldn’t be to inclined to accept aid, because of what it could cause as later effects down the road.)
* Generate practical innovations.
(Find ways to make this easily functional in real world applications.)

What this comes down to, is that first we will use it to protect our nation, but then the very nation we said we were going to protect is going to have their collective thoughts manipulated to believe what ever we want them too, thereby giving the government cart blanche to manipulate you without you really knowing it was done. Because, of course, anonymity is part of the required goal of classified studies. Thank you to the anonymous whistle blower! Because this is exactly the kind of stuff we need to be made aware of.

I know this sounds just like any conspiracy theory, but do the research. Google or Bing – Trans cranial magnetic stimulation. This is the very name of what they are using to help psych patients live fuller, richer lives. But when that crosses over and becomes government control, we really do have a problem, as enough of that is already going around, and the government has had a history of researching mind control, spying through remote viewing, and subliminal messages. SO, go ahead, believe that there is nothing to this. But, when your mind view of things begin to change, then the time for concern is far passed.

To the U.S. Government,

If you truly desire to have better foreign and domestic relations with the world, then try actually being descent people, not sci-fi happy hacks who tend to do more harm than good. What a concept! Being decent people with the goal of the best interests of the people that have voted you into office, this is at the very heart of the anger the American and global public is harboring. Because once you lose sight of the betterment of humanity, and begin acting like the people are there for your benefit, that is exactly what will destroy what our founding fathers designed this country to truly be. Get over your power hungry selves, and act like decent human beings, or we could always use magnets on your brain to teach you what decency is!!!

Commentary of a Talkative Woman!!!