The Apple of Knowledge

I want you to think back to the moment that you held your first child. When you gazed lovingly into their face while holding them close, cuddling them, swearing to keep them safe. Now, think about the doctrine of Original sin and see how long those words really hold water with you. Then, do a search of your Bible, which I have already done, and realize those words combined are not uttered once collectively. This is a theory, and it is taught as a certainty.

So, how can the child who has been alive less than five minutes have already sinned? That’s just it, it hasn’t. A child is innocence. That is evident from every pore of their being. It is us as adults who tend to change this. Of course, no child comes with instructions, and this is well known. Then there is the societal factor, and the environmental factor. Fine, but this is called ancestral sin, because well, it covers every bit of that territory, even the stuff that would show to be found in our DNA.

So, original sin that was caused by Adam and Eve taking bite of the forbidden fruit, aka knowledge, not exactly.

This is what I know, God, is omnipresent. If you don’t know what that means, look it up, then walk outside and understand it. Go out in the daylight, and observe this. Then, go out in the night and understand just how large of a concept this really is. Every star in the sky, every other planet in the universe, every other animal on this planet, every blade of grass, every grain of sand, there is no way to explain that, you have to be able to feel it. And if you can’t, then well, that is the problem. If you can’t feel the deeper warmth behind the sun, then there is no hope. Because God is far more than what we understand sitting in a building that is manmade.

It was through watching nature, that I came to understand that original sin, well it just wasn’t what we were taught. That there is the same duality in nature as is described in sin. That truthfully, everything we are designed with, those things that are flaws, have a purpose, it’s keeping them in check that we lose sight of. Knowing when to use them, and when not to. Anger, has a reason, hate, yep, a reason, love, definitely a reason. Just like the cycle of the seasons, there are reasons for the cycles of our emotions. The break down is knowing what to do with them when they arise.

One thought on “The Apple of Knowledge

  1. Original sin is a concept of Judaism that seeks to destroy the true pagan soul of mankind. It is used as an excuse to initiate the rite of baptism which a symbolic drowning. The child’s true pagan soul is symbolically drowned so it can be replaced with a “christian” (Jewish) soul. This is done in order to usurp the child’s hamingja which is the guardian spirit of honor the child receives from it’s ancestors/previous life. This creates a dischord between the child and nature which allows crypto-jew corruption thought to be inserted into the children. They then become materialistic, hedonistic and self serving with no regard to their ancestors or their own descendants. These are the tools of the zionists who are attempting to control world culture to procure their dominance as a master race. The protocols of zion state as much. Our only hope as a people is to cast off the false lies of abrahamic religious belief and return to the ancestral cult of our forebears.

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