Ancestral Sin

Ancestral sin is not a new concept at all. In fact, it pre dates Christianity. All the pagan religions believed in reincarnation. They believed that after they died, they went to hel (I’m sure we can see this correlation) then before being reborn, they would lose their memories, and then a new life would begin. No different than the cycles of the universe and Earth. So, they believed that they had to live with honor and integrity, or they were harming their later lives by actions in this life.

Thus, ancestral sin, in different wording, is not a new concept. The pagans had quite a grasp on things, even if we don’t fully understand what they were saying. Maybe that is because we have been taught to believe that they were evil, when they weren’t. Truth is, they worshiped the primary God, but really just didn’t ever say his name much. This is because they understood that you can’t describe something so amazing that is capable of making the universe and all it’s forms. So, the minor gods were perhaps their descriptions of the major. I don’t have that answer.

What I do know, is that by living with nature, they understood that it affected us, and we affected it. They also understood that our lifetime would wash down upon many lifetimes after. So, what do we want to leave our children and future generations? That is the best question we must all answer.


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