Smoke and Mirrors

I lived a life of smoke and mirrors for many years. And, it was easy for a while. But, eventually, the use of smoke, mirrors and misdirection began to catch up. The smokescreen began to dissipate, and what had seemed easy had only left me lost and broken. I began looking at those years, and realized that not even I could give accurate answers as to what the truth really was, and that is when it hit me the hardest. That the manipulative games that are often played not only damage the person they are being pursued upon, but they are damaging yourself as well. 

We see this from an outside perspective all the time, especially in our high school years, but we never really learn the truth of the lesson then. It is a behavior we carry into adulthood, and thus, continue to damage ourselves, and the people in our lives.

But, now, we have a massive scale example of how this system works, and what can really be done with it. There are always consequences to ones actions, whether they be positive or negative. And, well, I hate to use the government here, but it is an effective example.

Our government, they have utilized smoke and mirrors for decades to obtain what they want, and eventually it was going to catch up with them. It appears, we are at this eventuality. Yes, American’s are being hurt by the manipulations of our government, and thus American’s are getting angry. Therefore, the consequences of the governments actions will unfold, even if not at the speed that some American’s wish for. Consequences do occur.

Since my dance with all the smoke and mirrors in my life, I have strived to avoid them. To be brutally honest, even if it is not what people want to hear. And I make no apologies for this. Sometimes the thing we need to hear the most, is the hardest thing in the world to hear. And, I know that if someone had called me out on my crap back then, yes, I would have been pissed. However, I would have probably been grateful after calming down, thinking about it, and realizing they were right. Unfortunately, I made it hard for anyone to see what was really going on beyond the portrait I portrayed to the world. That was intentional. My problems were no one else’s business. I was wrong. The saying “it takes a village to raise a family”, is very accurate. If said village is not there, who is going to point out mistakes? Who is going to help with alternative approaches when major problems arise? Who is going to be there when the flood waters rise and your house is under water?

The rest of the village whose house is still on dry land is who. Be grateful for those people. Because even if you are anti-social, they still know that you love them, and that you will be there when the world turns upside down.

Be honorable, honest, and compassionate. You will find that it comes to you in return.


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