FEMA CAMPS – Be VERY Afraid!!!

Tonight I saw a story about FEMA camps and the homeless. It was extremely sad! Take a look, a close look at the picture at the top of the page.


Now, I have to do further research into this, but the only picture that shows the camp at the top of the page has one thing in common. The color. Our country is collapsing around our ears, and we as the people are refusing to see it. We are sticking our heads in the sand and allowing it to happen. Our military is refusing to protect against the domestic threat, and therefore, we are exposed. That leaves it to the brave people of this country to choose what we stand for. Do we want to see everything we believe in gone? Do we want to watch this administration burn the flag and our country to the ground? Because this is exactly how WWII started, and no one really thought it would get that bad then. What do you want? Do you want another WW or do you want to stop the terrorist who are in the position of power that are breaking our country? Either way, war will happen, the choice is what level of war we experience here.

Blessed be.


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