Choices and rights

I am going to talk candidly today about the fight for both women’s rights and racial equality. Because last night, I was laying in bed, and I was thinking about the state of unrest we are in. How we are so divided racially, and it hit me. This is going to be offensive, but it’s the truth. Black people act like they are the only people who have had it hard!!!! Well, the truth is you haven’t. You are not the only ones who have had to fight for your rights. However, it’s the choices made after rights are given that sets everyone apart.

Women still had poor rights when I was a kid. Sure, they could get a job, and the inequality in wages then, well, that is far larger than the crap they talk about now. But, where the real inequalities lied was in the social atmosphere. This is where women have come so far, and not all of it I would say I am proud of (one need to look at Miley Cyrus and others like this to see what I mean). But, what I am proud of is the right of any woman to protect her family from an internal threat. Because when I was a kid, that was not an option. A woman could have all the proof the police department needed, and they still wouldn’t do anything about it. They would pat her on the shoulder, tell her to go clean herself up, and make dinner. It didn’t matter what injuries she might have sustained, it was a man’s world. And that is one inequality that I can say, women’s rights has not solved, but has made great strides in.

Slavery was abolished 150 years ago. I agree with that statement. Racial inequality, that still goes on to a degree today. But, let me ask you one hard question, and this is one you must weigh on yourself individually. Because this is not a group question. How hard have you worked to prove you deserve it? Beyond the help of affirmative action?

Because, I am here to tell you that affirmative action is only making it easier for you to obtain goals. You work hard to get there, but there are more qualified applicants getting turned down. Do you really want the color of your skin being the only reason you got accepted? Or do you really want it to be because you worked your butt off and proved you were better? Because I know I would be pissed if someone gave me a position based on the color of my skin, eyes, hair, whatever, and not based on the merits I worked to provide based on my skills. I know what I am capable of, and I am sure you do to. So, why aren’t more of us proving it not only to ourselves, but to this government and advocacy groups who are hand holding and telling us we can’t? Whether it’s a race issue or gender issue, or we have a rapid processing brain known as ADD and run on 20 subjects in a 30 second span. Does it really matter when all we have to do is learn to believe in ourselves and stop listening to the people who doubt us so much, especially when that doubt comes in the form of support. That is the fakest form of help. It only harms you. It says, it’s ok, you can’t achieve it, so let me get you a stepping stool instead of teaching you to look deeper and find ways to cope.

So, learn to fly. And stop blaming everyone else for your problems, because I have my own problems to worry about. Try looking in the mirror for the state of your affairs in your own home. That is exactly how I handle mine. I start with me.


4 thoughts on “Choices and rights

  1. The problem is that the majority of blacks, (and that is whom we are speaking of) still have the mindset of “massa can fix it”. They are social adolescents, who have been given the keys to the house while their parents are away. Instead of being truly equal and stepping up the way MLK wanted them to, they have demanded that we lower our standards so they don’t feel bad about themselves. And we the European Americans who built this society allow our collective guilt to permit it. We are the only ones who follow the path of egalitarianism, while they take advantage and have become a cancer on society. Worse still, due to the lowering of standards our own people have begun to feel entitled as well. There is no longer any hope of an equal and fair society, the blacks are bent on revenge, only racial hygiene and ethnic cleansing will ensure the continuation of European society. The same thing is happening in Europe, and Europeans are being exterminated daily in South Africa daily. Our governments are not going to help us they are under the control of foreign interests.

    • Perhaps ethnic cleansing isn’t the only option. Maybe we need to cleanse the government. Start over so to speak. Go back to the constitution, get rid of affirmative action, make it an equal starting ground that everyone must claw their way to the top with the social classes still there because people have earned it, not because something has been given to them. Even if mommy and daddy were wealthy, you still have to prove yourself worthy of that status. It doesn’t matter who your parents were, it all must land on your shoulders to prove or disprove your right to be there! Ethnic cleansing solves nothing, it just turns us into the same barbarians we have been called through history. Why should we go and prove this right? When we can prove that we are actually far better than this? Will I defend myself, you’re damn right I will. To the death. But, I will not start the physical fight in my own back yard when I see other options that can possibly be made available with less cost of lives. Think outside the box, sometimes the solutions really do lay there! Maybe that is the mother in me speaking, and if it is, so be it. But it is that mother in me that will also protect my family with to my last breath.

      • We must destroy society in order to purify it. Only on the ashes of this travesty will life flourish in harmony once more. Sometimes a surgeon must cut to cure.

      • I’m not ready to cut society to heal it. Though I think cuts must be made, and migrations need to take place, mass destruction of society as a whole is not necessarily the answer, yet. If it comes to a point where that must take place, it will be a very sad time indeed. For, once again, society has completely failed.

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