Food for Our Children!

I have been relatively quiet on this issue, being a recipient of food stamps myself. I am a single mother of 3 kids, and I am by no means a drug addict.  My food stamps did not drop the $11.00 per household member as stated, but almost $100.00 per month. I am disabled, I have been fighting to get off these very stipends that I receive and now we are under the rule of a president that seems to be bound and determined to keep us there. BUT NOW! Now, I am angry.

My children, the food that I put in their mouths, to keep them healthy. This is where I get angry. They come home hungry from school everyday since they changed the lunch programs, and not one of my children is obese or overweight. I provide healthy diets and have taught my children well. The lunch program diet is not adequate. The calories provided are not adequate for an adolescents required intake. No child should be coming home completely exhausted and so hungry that they behave as they haven’t eaten since breakfast. And it is rumored that they are going to ban the ability to send a lunch from home, which is more balanced then the lunch they are providing.

So, now, they are attacking the ability to provide a stabile income for your family with 80% of America being classified at the poverty level, which is record breaking numbers! And now, every one in America is forced to cover the costs! Whether you can handle the back breaking expense or not!

And it is our children’s growing bodies who will pay the heaviest toll when they do not get the nutrition that they need to grow properly because Michelle Obama was the fat kid growing up and still has issues from it! Stop taking your issues out on America, get out of my household and let me do what is best for my family. There is nothing wrong with my children’s weight. Just cause you lacked the self control to stop eating when you got full doesn’t mean that everyone in America has to pay the consequences for your actions.

I am tired of watching you and your ungrateful, spoiled husband tear this country apart, and I am demanding that President Barrack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama be removed from the official capacities that have been bestowed upon them by the leaders of this country because if they are allowed to stay in their positions much longer, we won’t have an America to continue with! It is time to Impeach them out!!!!

They are now affecting the children!!!!

2 thoughts on “Food for Our Children!

  1. Thank you, I agree totally. I’ve been told if my children want to bring a lunch, I must provide a doctors note that states why they can’t eat school food. This regime is becoming more criminal by the day.

    • Ah, so the rumors are no longer rumors. They are now fact. The children are no longer allowed to bring a sandwich that has 2 slices of bread, ham – turkey – OR roast beef, lettuce and tomato, chips, fruit, and a small snack!!! R U KIDDING ME!!!! And this is healthier than the card board crap they are providing. Jareth, who is under weight, btw, comes home after school and eats a full meal for snack because he is soooo hungry. At the end of the summer, his weight was fine!

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