Loner Within

I’m the loner

behind banded walls

tears of sorrow

you’ll never see fall

I walk amongst you

quiet and sleek

hidden woman

never seen

I feel your anguish

anger and fear

beyond the fake smiles

that dawn the light

your darkest fear

written on your face

the sadness that leaves its trace

I wish not to know

that life leaves it woes

Loner is the life I lead

I choose to find me

glean the path I must lead

walk the life that I must live

successful by the terms I give

standing on my feet again

I have come too far to ever quit

Pushing farther that I ever have

I will find the deepest fire within

I can’t do this with hands held tight

I must learn to fight this fight


3 thoughts on “Loner Within

  1. You just arrived
    at the Island of Souls
    The beautiful world of melodies heard through space,
    where every shadow is creating another realms.
    Here, your inner is magnified,
    your songs heard or forgiven.
    You wear color lines, running along curves, ending on edge of “everything”. Only morning flocs can look beyond the edge, only the evening moths can experience it.
    Stay and speak, stay and sing, because I can listen. Let the mighty mixture of mystery shades flow and glitter like an ocean, it always has attention of gods. Let the space smile, defining the ‘you’.

    I was looking for you. Your tunes waves more than you know, and I am thirsty for more, more piercing tunes, the other ones. You wear nicer colors anyway.

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