Broken Glass

Harsh words, are like broken glass. No matter how much glue you apply, the glass will never be the same. You can’t put it back together, you can’t heal the bonds the way they were before. The relationship will be different.

In the heat of the moment we often say things that are harsh, even things we really don’t mean, and it causes wounds. It is a hard lesson to learn to step back and utilize silence in those moments. To think about what it is that really needs to be said. And often, anger comes from not being heard in the calm waters. So, the loud screams occur thinking you are making a point, when you are only driving a deeper wedge.

SO, how do you get someone’s attention that something is important to you? That is an answer I do not have.

But broken glass is the analogy I can give to what happens when the solutions are not found. I know that communication and team work is important. Finding common ground and giving space when necessary to calm the waters is helpful. But, beyond that. I have no advice that can solve the breaking of glass.

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