Life Through a View Finder

I like to observe. I see a lot of things, and often people hear about the annoying things that come to the surface. But, I spose it’s time they hear what I just don’t often have the words to express. So, I am going to give it a try.

I see life as moving art. I have often been known to say life through a viewfinder, one snapshot at a time. Because it is true. I see the lines of poetry in motion. The lines of a face so artistically drawn, when the person who owns this face can’t see it. The symmetry and beauty behind it. The beautiful, yet searing blue eyes, or the blazing chocolate almond eyes that flow into high cheek bones. I have found that the eyes are what draw me to a person the most, as they are the most expressive. There is so much of a story there, often times, more of a story than the person really wants to tell.

But, there are other lines. Like the lines of the back, with the way the muscles form. Or the lines of a leg in an extension when my daughter is dancing, and she flows so gracefully across the floor. The poetic movement that I can’t seem to capture on film. It’s something I can visually see, but the camera just does not do justice. The dimension involved, it is not there on film.

So often, they will catch me just simply staring, and they will ask me the what? thing, and I tell them nothing, because I just don’t have the words to tell them what it is that I am seeing. The perfect combination of color and form, that it is so striking that it just leaves me speechless. Sometimes, absolutely breathless. And I see this in everyone, but most often, in the people that I love.

I also see it in nature. The perfected artistic expression that I could never draw no matter how hard I try, and I draw well! But, a master artist such as that, I am not that accomplished. Besides, why would I imitate what has already been perfected? I would rather enjoy the poetry in motion, the life through a viewfinder, and be left speechless one moment at a time!


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