Medicinal Options

I have been thinking, and yes, people tell me this is a dangerous occupation for me at times. But, I have been looking at the history of modern medicine, and where it has led us. Sure, in the beginning, it looked miraculous. But, now, I am not so certain of this.

Everyone is on medicine these days, and to what true benefit? We have an infant who died from 9 vaccines given in one day! When do we realize the level of too much? When do doctors realize the part of the oath I will first do no harm? When the world is immune to antibiotics? Because we are heading that way at an alarming rate.

Then, you look at the factories of where said medicine is made. Sure, it creates jobs, which gives income. But, what about the byproduct? The people who live in the neighborhood of these factories? There are people who are getting sick from the byproduct. And, well, isn’t it then a logical conclusion that if the byproduct is poisonous, then the product itself is poisonous?

Then I look at the hundreds of generations that didn’t have the “miracle” of modern medicine. And I realize a few things. One, there was no miracle cure for every ailment. But, there was treatments available. Natural treatments. Things, that if you look, you will find the answers to. And, they have far less side effects. Can you screw up if you don’t know what you are doing, yes. But, there are still people in this world with the knowledge of what to do in this particular arena.

Another aspect that our ancestors understood far better than we do is the circle of life. They understood that death aspect far better than we do, that it is a natural aspect of life, and that there is nothing you can do to stop it, no matter how many medications you take. Thus, the real goal of herbal medicine was addressing the spiritual, soulful aspect of a person. Yes, they treated the symptoms, but they understood that the body was more than just the physical.

So, maybe that is where modern medicine has become a total disconnect. They are treating a physical element and forgetting probably the biggest aspect of the human persona, the soul. And, that is why they say that laughter is truly the best medicine. Because joy, well that can do so much.

So, take the medicine if it is really needed, but maybe it is time to learn to balance the wisdom of the past, with the knowledge we have gained. Only then, can we truly learn to heal and become what we were meant to be. A complete and total package.

Blessed be.

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