7 Generations

I am not vengeful. I am a mother. And when someone openly attacks a common child’s favorite food because it is too white! Well, I have a problem with that! That is like saying popsicles should be banned because they are too phallic. Seriously, when does something go too far? When does sensitivity training over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich become necessary because it doesn’t cross all cultural borders!

I am white, I am proud of my heritage, and I am allowed to be. Stop trying to tell me any different. I want my kids to be proud of their heritage. I want them to earn their positions in life, not have them handed to them. That is never something I have demanded, nor asked for. But, I have never been accepting of anyone who demands that of me.

If I don’t have enough food, it is not beyond my realm of concept to go outside and dig up the earth in rows and grow my own food to supplement what I cannot buy. And this is something I am considering doing anyway just to save money on my budgetary needs when the spring planting season comes around. So, this is not beyond the realm of possibilities for anyone, even if you rent your home. Because I have had to account for that hurdle as well.

The excuse and blame arena is getting thick with pathetic mantra’s and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is just the latest addition to an already tense situation. What is it going to take to ignite what we have allowed our political leaders to divide? Because, well, truth is, that is exactly the legacy that we have sitting here before us.

Throw out the words of Martin Luther King, and the work of Abraham Lincoln, because he is doing everything he can to make them null and void. The tapestry that is being woven at this moment will take a long time to unravel, and this is not the 7 generation statement I want to leave behind. We affect 7 generations ahead. It takes 7 generations to clean up our messes. So, what do we really want for them? What finger print do we want to leave behind when we are gone? And our children and their generations are looking at us through the eyes of history? That 20/20 vision that we don’t have the luxury of in this moment. This is our moment to make the decisions that will mold their future. What can we do in the best interest of our children? That is the deepest of the questions here. Ask yourself what world you really want to see for them, you might just be able to begin shaping it for them.

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