White Guilt

I have heard it said that when white guilt removes it’s barriers, that there will be problems. From where I am standing, that is exactly what we are walking into. The white race is tired of being blamed for the past. We are tired of being blamed for the oppression of people. Because, by now, ample opportunities have been given to stand up and take responsibilities for yourselves!

How dare I say this! Well, I dare. I dare as a single mother of four who is actually ahead of schedule on her goals. Her goals of getting off disability. Her goals of removing herself off of welfare. Her goal of no longer requiring pain meds to manage her debilitating pains. No, I stood up and took responsibility. Something my mother evidently understood when she raised me! I removed the negative influences of my life, and I stood up. By the end of next year, I will be fully self sufficient and not relying on the government to subsidize my income. I will be providing for my children. I will.

Where will you be in a year? In five? Will you still be demanding that the government take the hard earned wages of others to pay your bills?

Yes, I know, it seems that I sound like both sides here. I am asking for the very thing you are doing. BUT – here is the vital difference. I am doing something to change my circumstances! What are you doing to better yourself for tomorrow? What are you doing for yourself and your children? Getting a job, 2 jobs? Going to college?

The only thing that holds you back, is yourself. Not me, my family, my kids. YOURSELF! SO, the next time you want to blame someone, go to your mirror, and look there. Cause I am no longer listening. I have no guilt for your problems, I have my own to deal with, thank you!

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