Eggshells, Armor, and Solutions

There are people in this world, some who are amazing at pretending to have this deep and penetrating armor until you get to know them. Then, you start to see, as you peel the pieces of the armor, that it really is an eggshell, that it peels away easily, and that right there on the surface is their heart, exposed to the world, and everything hurts. Every look, every statement. And in today’s world there is more negativity being thrown around than anything uplifting. Eventually, that takes a toll. It comes out in their smile. It comes out in their voice. It comes out as anger. At themselves, at others, at the world. And, the places that deserve it, well, those places may not be the ones that are attainable to fight. They may not be something fixable, as how can one person really fight the negativity of the world? The mundane task of a day that just simply tear you down because everyone has sadness and anger written on their face? One person cannot fix a land that has seemed to given up.

So, one keeps their head down, and they hold on to the joys that surround them. The occasional lands of bliss that brighten their world. The product of search in the mundane, that creates their island of joy in this world. The life they consider worth living and fighting for. Even if they don’t always go about it in the ways others would agree with. That is the uniqueness of a person, we all approach things differently, thus coming up with different solutions, to arrive at the best possible outcome.

So, have we placed the best possible solutions out there? I don’t know. What I do know, is that it is time for us to lift our gaze beyond the little lands of happy that we have created for ourselves. We must lift the gaze to the future, and see that our children, and grandchildren deserve the chance to have their lands of happy too. And thus, we need to encompass what world we want to pass on to them. How to achieve this will take people coming out of the haze, and offering solutions, not more anger to the problem, to thus arrive at the best possible outcome for the next 7 generations, and an maybe an example that our following generations would be proud to follow. Because what I see, well, is just not working. And the problems we are leaving to clean up are mounting by the day. So, let’s get to problem solving, not problem creating.

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