Why Won’t You Go Mom?

My daughter asked me why I don’t go to church. And what seemed like such a simple answer had such a deep response of emotion in me, that all I could answer was, “bricks and mortar!” But, after some thought, I knew the answer that had always been obvious to me, even if I didn’t have the words to say it. Jesus, the man depicted in the Bible and everything else I have read, and that’s a lot, didn’t teach in a church. He taught in the streets, among the people. He didn’t stand in a building, in a $3000.00 suit, he walked among the people. He threw the money changers out of the temple for that very reason. And, so thus to me, the church is a business. One that has lost the real sight of what the teachings were. To take care of your neighbor as a family. To live as a community. Because, we are after all, diverse, but all trying to figure out the very same question. What is my purpose on this Earth?

So, my dear daughter, I have always seemed to understand naturally, that God is everywhere. That I don’t need a building to believe in him. That I am the design I was made to be. I have come to figure out that fighting that design, brings my flaws into sharper contrast with the beauty I have to give the world. And that is a balance I hope to achieve.

If the church is where you feel you belong, then please, go. But, as for me and my faith, it is best served beyond the borders of the building.

That doesn’t mean I love you any less.


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