I walked up with a dazzling smile

Inquired about the man they hired

Unbeknownst to me

My future stood before me

My husband was speaking his name

My life was about to change

Cinderella’s slipper was broken glass

Smashed hard; mighty fast

Hidden behind closed doors

Things never revealed before

Manipulation was the game

She is broken, lame

Never will she be the same

I cook and clean the house

What a useless spouse

Whoa is me was his cry

To all that listened to his lies

Hidden were the deepest scars

The words that tore my heart

Over years killed the love

Made it easy to hide more

Pretend it was me

The one to blame

But little eyes changed the view

Who is teaching who

What person do you want them to be

Who do you want them to see

The broken fool in bed

Or a woman who has value

Stand up, teach them how

That when you fall

It’s ok

Get up, face mistakes

Life doesn’t stop today

Tomorrow will rise anyway

Prepare to cry if it’s hard

Then walk into the sun

Stand tall

Handle the hardship

One piece at a time

You will be just fine.

Love will surround you

Wait and see

From people you thought didn’t believe.


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