Giving freedom
a whim of cost
hoping something isn’t lost
Daring to step beyond the fear
Learning to love again
Walking alone in shadowed halls
Always afraid to fall
Glimpsing back at the pain
How many times did it rain
Seeking the sun to shine…
Not just fueled by my pride
Screaming for something more
To be the reason I walk through the door
I have glimpsed the rain
The hateful pain
The deepest pits of rage
I’m standing on the other side
Daring to take a ride
Fighting for another chance
At the life I didn’t get
Success in all things real
That is my goal here
I won’t settle for less than this
I have chosen the directional bliss
I know where I want to be
today and tomorrow planned, you’ll see
I will spread my wings
Let the wind guide me there
Not worry if life’s not fair
Every hardship teaches much
If I glimpse the lesson taught.
Look beyond the glass stare
Beyond the vacant words of care
To what my future holds for me
Something only I can create

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