Meandering Wings

The isolated carapace who dreams internal
  Daydreams yonder borders she stifles…
  Mystic in shadows fallen and lame
  She ponders how she emerged as ashamed
  Her earlier illumination, now a shattered lamp
  By what virtue did her tenacity rupture in this camp
  Season up season chastening repression
  The rushing waters of monotony crowd
  Repugnant behaviors constant; unwaning.
  Weeping sorrows, no restraining.
  Utopias rosiness danced away
  The dashing Prince of Permanence strayed
  Cloaking in the veil of silence she roamed
  Her heart became the elusive stone
  Why administer blessings of love
  If the outcome is the injured dove
  Flapping upon mutilated wings
  She maneuvers a mount upon a tree
  No longer indulging her voice to sing
  She shelters seasons pace among her three
  Hoping unity is what they require
  Sustaining upon three’s desire
  Observant as the time does pass
  Miseries ever twinkling jab
  Biding her time ’til determination achieves
  She champions ‘Neath meandering wings
  Deceitful words stabbing their wounds
  She places herself in censorships tomb
  Smoothing her kiss upon three’s every wound
  Her censorship begins to become unwound
  She laid upon him the kiss of fury
  Singing the words of the deceptive story
  The dove begins to heal within
  And the glass begins to reform again
  The illumination is different than before
  But she’s still opening the sealed doors
  The dove begins to heal within
  The glass begins to reform
  The sun now shines once more
  And the three have their mother better than before.

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