The Rare Jewel

There are people, really good people, who take on a role in this world. A role known as the step-parent. I used to wonder why they called it that. But, I know why now. These people are called step-parents, because the STEP in and assume the role that was not DNA assigned to them. They give their hearts to the children that they choose to charge to their care. They love them as deeply as a human can love, and do their best to be equal and fair. They look at the best interest of the child in front of them, not the best interest of themselves and what they can gain in that moment.

These people, they are often unsung heroes. They are champions who come in and steer the course of a child’s life to a direction that without their input, may have been lost forever. And, I can say this, because I was that child. I was the child that had a person STEP in and assume a role that was never easy. I made it hell. BRUTAL hell at times. But, no matter what, he stuck by me. He never walked away and said you just don’t matter. He taught me a lot.

How do you thank some one for that? You can’t. You can only acknowledge the truth of their perseverance through the hardships of your anger at the world, and forgiveness on the other side. Because, though the name of step-parent is what they are given, it is because they step in when it seems like the world sometimes is running out, that maybe we become the people we may not have been without their influence.

So, here is too all the amazing step-parents of the world. This is a rarely recognized undertaking. I will even say a moment of gratitude to my daughter’s step-mother, as I know that she also helped mold my daughter into the amazing woman she is today.


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