Stupid Stamp

One day, I looked at my ex, and his bliss, and thought do I have that same stamp of Stupid on my forehead? Then it dawned on me, of course I do. Why, because, as the ex, I know all of the horrid skeletons, but as the new kid on the block, I am still discovering all the wonderful things, so I am willing to overlook the skeletons for now. Eventually, as usual, they will catch up on the scales, and well, it will then come down to which outweighs the other… the skeletons, or the wonderful?

So, for now, I dawn my stupid stamp happily oblivious. When it catches up to me, people can either tell me I told you so, or they can congratulate me. We shall see.

But, well, I am happy, and that is all I need to know.


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