Modern Vs Generational Knowledge

I remember when I became a parent, my grandmother would try to pass on knowledge about how to handle certain things like teething and colic with my children, and my answer was always well the doctors said blah, blah, blah. But, now, I am really wondering if I did a disservice to myself, and my children. The reason is because we are having to go back and relearn the knowledge of the past. Why? Because of things like antibiotic resistance, which in a matter of just a few generations has become a serious problem. And today’s doctors don’t know how to treat patients when antibiotics fail. That is the harshest truth. The don’t have the knowledge about the naturally occurring antibiotics that will treat infections, and there are some out there, otherwise, how did the human race ever survive before the modern doctor?

So, maybe my Grandmother wasn’t wrong, or that crazy old lady who wasn’t up to date. Maybe we were the ones who had it backwards. Is there a place for modern medicine. Yes. But everything has it’s place. And so must the wisdom of the past take it’s place, and be past forward as well, only then can we achieve a true harmony of knowledge in health. Healing must come from not just the physical, but also a complete understanding that the person is a complexity. Mind, body and soul. And those things must be in balance to have proper health. We have lost sight of this in modern medicine. We treat mind, and body, but often we forget the soul. Once we begin to truly nourish that which we are, we might just have a much more decent world to live in.

I don’t know what exact knowledge or beliefs my grandmother had, but I know the journey I now partake. So, it’s to the land of learning that I gladly will go. If you ever come to the point where antibiotics don’t work for you, at least you will know that there is another door to go through.

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