It Starts With Me…

I look at the world today, and I see so much distress. How has such an advanced society become so screwed up? Where did the fall of humanity really begin? And how do we solve it?

I began to ask those questions, and many more. And the answers came. So, what is the giant solution to all the world’s problems? Sometimes you do have to go backwards before you can come back to the board with positive solutions. Example, perhaps we have it all wrong when we spend billions annually to house prisoners, but we leave our wounded veterans homeless. They served our country, and did so with honor. The common criminal, where exactly is his honor? Do they really deserve mercy after needlessly taking a life?  Have we really lost sight of what is best for the whole in order to satisfy the few? When did the minority begin to lead the majority? Sure, everyone deserves a voice, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be agreed with. Not everyone would agree with my solutions to the world’s issues.

So, what does that make me? Someone who has given up on the humanity of the world. When hatred seems to be the leading factor in so many decisions, why would I have a ton of hope for it? Look at all the wars, and the potential for another one right here on the borders of the USA and Mexico. We have lines drawn on a map that says, “this is our land, stay out.” Yet, we didn’t make the land. It is not ours, it is only borrowed. What the real solution to this is, I don’t know. Perhaps we wouldn’t have such a massive financial crisis looming if we spent billions on simply helping to improve water systems, instead of bombing the hell out of a place for oil. When money drives the world, only evil can follow, and we have become a very materialistic society.

Sure. I look at the world and see a host of problems, but I also see the chance to do better. And the reality of that is, it starts with me. Do I have enough hope to change the world all by myself, no. But, the thing about hope is that it is contagious. When you place hope on what you bring as a value to the world, instead of conforming to the societal decisions, it does spread. Everyone is unique, and they have to find their own value that they bring to the world. We have lost sight of this. Not everyone is meant to be a computer programmer or other office based jobs. We have lost sight of the value of our differences. When we peacefully celebrate the differences of humanity, accepting that we are not all going to agree on political, economic and religious belief’s, we can then begin to change the world.

Fighting over whether or not Christ died on the cross, or whether he was a messiah or a prophet, where is there really peace in that? When we treat each other with so much hatred, war is always the only result. Does this mean I like everyone I meet? No, but I don’t intend to go to war over it, not without a damn good cause. And I know what my values are, and what is justifiably a good cause for me. These are things that each individual decides for themselves.

As for the prisoners vs. veterans. Take the prison system. Overhaul it. Put people back to breaking rocks for the minor offenses, while living in a tent city, and turn those billion dollar facilities into a housing scenario for our wounded and downtrodden warriors to heal. As for anyone not capable of living in society without causing harm, well they caused harm, therefore, get a rope. They forfeit their right to life when they so brazenly take another’s without an honorable cause.

Enough is enough. When we expand human rights to people who have abdicated their right to be amongst society, where should it say that I will take better care of you than far more deserving people? And what kind of deterrent would that be? Maybe our broken society has a chance, but it is because I know that there are people saying change begins with me.