Introducing Bailey, my daughter!

Well, they say it often around here. You know, that old adage – like mother, like daughter. It is as true as the sun shines. We are some very opinionated, strong willed women, and I raised this one. It doesn’t surprise me when things that sound like me, well they come shooting out of her mouth with a wisdom sometimes that seems beyond her years. Sure, she is a teenager, and why should anyone really listen to what teens have to say? Quite simply, because this is the next generation. The next group of twenty something’s, and often, when I look at a sampling of this group, it scares the hell out of me. But, then I look at the contribution I have made to this particular round, and I can only be proud, even if I don’t always agree with their views.

My youngest daughter is the author of the above linked blog. She is an accomplished writer, an amazing girl, and part of my hope for the future. I think that the people who read my blog will enjoy her writing. Please, be kind, she is a 16 year old girl. She is willing to look at other points of view, as long as people are not rude about it. And, with that bout of protective mother out of the way, take a look, peruse her writing, and make your own decision.

I have 3 daughters, very strong and opinionated daughters. They have the potential to be anything they want and the skills to achieve it. And, when I look at that, no where can I say that I failed as a parent. I may not have been perfect, but by god, these are a sampling of the future, and perhaps, there is hope.

Kids, don’t fail me now. I have given you the tools, now learn to spread those wings and fly. I know that anything is possible, now it is up to you to see it!