Unexpected Love

It comes when you least expect it, and well, don’t ever want to feel that emotional attachment to anyone. Love.

I was a young girl, a whole 8 years old. My parents had divorced and moved forward, and to be honest, I was a selfish little girl not even remotely interested in my parents moving forward, as I was still a massive bottle of anger and hatred. 

That’s when this amazing woman entered my life. In spite of my personal melodrama, she bestowed kindness and patience upon my world. She never once tried to replace the role of mother, and I’m grateful, because I already had a pretty awesome mom. 

Over time, my rejection of her began to decrease, and it was about this time that I found out about a new sibling entering my life. As her tummy grew, I began to hope for something special, and words can never convey just how special that little red headed girl would be. 

Every visit was brighter because of the gregarious smile that sweet baby brought at the sheer sight of me. I was her big sister, and once she began to walk, there was no where she wouldn’t follow. We played everything from hop scotch to super heros and every visit became an adventure. 

Time passed, and I grew older. Distance spanned the hours and days as life went on.

And now, 33 years later, this beautiful mother of one, grandmother to another beautiful red headed little girl and friend to a broken little girl has been diagnosed with cancer just 4 months after the loss of our father. 

Insurance companies make billions in profit every year and leave their customers with massive bills piling up. It’s enough to make anyone come unglued, and yet, my sister still stands with dignity and grace in spite of the heart break that she’s experienced in the past few months. 

She may not be anything significant to you, but to 3 girls, she has been an impact of unforgettable magnitude. 

I’m asking for help with her medical bills in order to alleviate the mounting pressure already delivered this year. Anything would be greatly appreciated. 




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