Blessings Ritual

Some call it prayers, some call it magic, language matters not…

This year for Christmas/Yule, I sent each one of my children a blessing for the next year. I thought long and hard about this one word that had to encompass so much. What did each of them truly need most? 

Then I built a wreath out of Holly and mistletoe, and it was beautiful. It truly represented a circle of love hung upon the door.

Each of us gathered, and made our wishes written upon Bay leaves and we prepared to burn it with the birth of the New Year. 

On the second night of the year, we gathered at the outdoor activities area, aka the BBQ, and we placed our wishes upon the wreath. And we lit that beautiful wreath on fire. The aroma that carries around the fire is quite cleansing, relaxing, and a peace falls over you. And for a moment, nothing but love exist. 

So, with a magnitude of love unmeasured by time, I wished for my children three things.

I wished them hope, hope in the darkest hour, hope to guide them every step, and hope to pull them through when they felt lost. 

I wished them success. I wished them success in all bounties it’s measured, love, laughter, smiles, hugs, and so much more. 

And lastly, I wished them wisdom. Wisdom in their endeavors and trials through life. That when the hardest and most difficult of decisions in life come, they can find their way through the storm. 

I’ve watched each of them grow with their own grace and beauty, and they are strong, and some are wise beyond their years, but I truly believe that each are capable of making their lives beautiful. 

Welcome to adulthood my children. Good luck and I wish you all the best. 



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