I can’t…

I’ve heard this slogan often in this generation of new adults and parents, and I’m sure that we probably said it too. When life gets complicated, I can’t is quickly uttered and problem solving seems to go out the window.

So, let’s take a look at history with a personal aspect too. 
My grandparents survived the Great Depression and WW2. WOW, think about that. Think about being alive during this era of history and what it took to survive, not only taking care of yourself, but children too. 

Or perhaps the founding of America. Think about it, the founding fathers could have thrown up their hands and said eh, I can’t. And the formation of a new nation would have never occurred.

What about women’s rights. If women just threw up their hands and said I can’t, my mother would have never succeeded in accomplishing raising 4 children, two of which were on her own for the most part, and one premature daughter through a mountain of medical expenses, along with graduating college and having a successful career in accounting. 

And then, there’s my personal success story. I gave birth to 10 weeks premature twins, one boy, one girl. Both were diagnosed with failure to thrive. Both were not expected to survive. I can’t was never an option. If it was, I’d be mourning the loss of my children, not grateful for the hugs I can embrace 18.5 years later. And I truly understand just how lucky I am, because even with refusing to give up, sometimes the story doesn’t work out.

So, for the next generation of newly budding adults. We know it’s hard to be an adult. It’s not the rosy picture painted in your fantasies. It’s grueling, challenging, blood, sweat and tears kind of work. I can’t is basically the equivalent of failure to thrive. As long as this is your perception, you’re right, you can’t. You will fail, fall and tumble. 

So, put on your big boy and girl britches and stop saying I can’t and do what it takes to say I can. Life is a miracle and it’s never easy. Get used to it. 

Good luck. 


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