Texas – the whole story…

Holy shit!!! That’s the short version. A category 4 hurricane hit the Texas/Louisiana coastline and all hell broke loose. Those things are Titans!! (Yes I mean those Greek mythology things that you learned about in school. Just cause I talk funny don’t mean I’m stupid. Just Texan.)

And wow, what I saw was absolutely nothing short of amazing. Redemptive. 

For several years now, the media has been dividing this country in order to conquer, and well, it was working. All this hatred everywhere.

And then, boom. Texas 2017, Harvey happened. We were on our own. Get out, hunker down, stay put or run like hell. 

I was planning to evacuate. Packed everything up, and walla. I knew by Friday afternoon, we were in deep shit. OK, hunker down and hold on. 

My husband’s company continued working until the arrival of the storm. Who knows how many people got out because they stayed.  Plant workers stayed and shut down plant operations. Made sure the whole coastline didn’t blow up. 

Medical personnel and first responders, they stayed, went mobile, and were reacting before the storm hit. 

By just watching the city, you knew, stay off the roads. Get to high ground and call for help if you flood. Mmmmk. 

This is gonna suck, but here we go…

Rockport got nailed, comparatively to a series of F5 tornadoes came in from the sea. And well, Dallas is used to that, so hey, we can help, and charge, people came running, rushing in when so many were trying to get out. Evacuees were the first flood. Then came the heros and rescuers. That was the second flood. No one else could get out. 11.2 million people. 

The reality is this…there is 46% of the whole population of Texas living in the coastal towns. So why didn’t we evacuate? Harsh truth, we couldn’t. More people would have been lost trying to flee the floods than just pulling people out ahead of the waters as they go. 

And the waters came. The river delta of Texas flooded and the whole world saw the pictures, the videos, the news. 

Hatred didn’t save any lives. Humanity did. Hatred between antifa and white supremacy groups. Those groups would have drowned fighting each other. 

But, here in Texas, race fell apart and humanity showed up. I saw an army of boats, civilian boats, and race didn’t decide whom lived or died. I saw black hugging white, and white hugging black. I saw the humanity of Texas fighting for survival, and each person played their role. 

I spose mine was to tell the story to the world in words, Texas style.

I’m proud to be a Texan, and well, the people of Texas should be proud. For far more survived the Titan than plundered and fell. And more than anything, hope spread by actions far better than any words could convey. 

So, antifa, white supremacy, sit down and shut up. This is America. Right now, gas has been shut down. No production. Time for reserves. Production will start back soon, cause this is Texas, and we fix things that are broken. Who knew that our actions could reverberate through the world?

Houston will rebuild. Loved ones will be deeply missed. But in the end, we changed the narrative of this nation. So, now, the great question left is will humanity continue to prosper in spite of the negativity being spread? One can truly hope so.

It shouldn’t take a Titan to remind the world to, as the great Veggie put it, just love. 

Because tomorrow is never promised or guaranteed. 

This, I believe was the truest lesson from both world wars. That when all hell breaks loose, stand up, work together and accomplish a goal. And each person plays a role in how that develops. 

I choose to move forward with love. What about the rest of the world?


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