Once Cure

In response to a question asked on the blog below:

<p><a href=’http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/03/daily-prompt-health/’>Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect</a>.</p>

If I had only one cure, once choice in the world to give for this one cure, it would be the ability to repair spinal injuries that leave varying degrees of damage. There is no real treatments that last, and there is definitely no cures on even the horizon. This is an area where it is repeated needles in an already intensely painful area for the hope that it will become mildly tolerable.

I would love to see the people who are permanently paralyzed walk again, breath again, to no longer require machines to circumvent their lives. This is a desire for many. To just take a walk, to truly embrace the world without a mechanical tool in the way. This is a dream that many, well, they will not achieve without assistance. Thus, not truly being able to embrace what their deepest heart longs for. Or, even to simple take the stairs again. To play at the park with their kids again. It is the simplest of things that are desired often wished for when they are lost.

I was lucky. A shot was found that gave me temporary relief. I was able to go to the park, and run across the play ground with my son. The look of joy upon his face, it brought me to tears, because he was two when he last had the joy of playing like this with his mom. When an elevator abruptly changed what I could physically endure before the pain took control. So, now that he is 15, we took every step, and we embraced the moment. To us, it was the most valuable of moments. Because, we never thought we would have it again. We never thought my son would know what it was like to play chase in the park with his mom. SO, who was the one who lost the most?

I am the lucky one, though my injury is permanent, I am still able to walk. But, there are people who are far more injured than I am. What about their family who pays the permanent price with them? The loss of moments that they all thought they would get to have? The daughter dancing with her father at her wedding? The son playing chase with his mother? The ability to go hiking and learn about the world beyond? Limitations come with things such as these.

So, yes, the ability to cure permanent spinal cord nerve injuries, well, that would be my choice.




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